Just a few from our loyal customers.

THOMAS B. SAUNDERS V ~ Saunders Ranch ~ Weatherford, TX... “Alpaca saddle blankets are the real deal, for the real job; it's the perfect blanket for me! I thought I needed a double blanket…these blankets are thick, and since alpaca wool molds perfectly to a horse’s back, it’s usually the only blanket I need for working colts. It's light, stays dry and provides plenty of cushion and protection for a horse's back. Riding colts and throwing heavy, wet blankets from horse to horse makes a long day even longer. These blankets save time and wear’n tear on me, and my horses. I pac’a my paca blankets everywhere – even when I fly abroad. You’ve really got something here!”
BARU SPILLER ~ Spiller Ranch ~ Wingate, Texas... WESTERN SEQUEL “COWGIRL” Currently leading SHOT Non Pro Working Cow Horse & Ranch Trail ~2011 Abilene SHOT Working Cow Horse & Trail Champion ~2011 National Reined Cow Horse Ass'n money earner ~2011 Ft Worth Stock Show Amateur Working Cowhorse 3rd place ~2010 Ft Worth Stock Show Ranch Horse Challenge Novice Cow Horse Champion ~2010 SHOT Ltd Non Pro All Around 5th place ~2009 SHOT & ASHA Novice Year End Trail Champion ~2009 Champion Novice All-Around, Vernon TX ~2009 Novice Reserve All-Around, Belton, TX ~"What a handsome, great-feeling, quality product!" Photo Courtesy of KLM
JAMIE AND MATHEW MCCLAIN ~ Bar M Ranch ~ Weatherford, TX... “Our horses get the best care available, right down to their saddle blankets. We depend on their backs to stay healthy, that’s why we ride alpaca wool blankets. Doesn’t your horse deserve the same? Father and son traditions have to start somewhere.”

MATHEW MCCLAIN ~ Bar M Ranch ~ Weatherford, TX
Custom conchos and hoof pick by Baru Spiller, Baru's Silver, Wingate, TX.
CRAIG CAMERON ~ Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering

HI SIMON...David with the Parker County Sheriff's Posse escorted American Idol Casey James during his homecoming visit to Cool, Texas.
My claim to fame...Lt. Kenneth W. Thomas, Jr., Fire and Emergency Services, Gulf Coast, Naval Air Station ~ Home of the Blue Angels.
Lt. Kenneth W. Thomas, Jr. and Kenneth W. Thomas, III. Who knew they would both fly...Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Thomas, Sr., U.S.A.F. knew.

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