SADDLEPUP™ ***Patent Pending***
The SaddlePup™ Dog Saddle allows small dogs to ride in comfort and gives larger dogs time to rest when they aren’t walkin’ or workin’. Born out of popular demand, the SaddlePup™ is great for trail rides and parades, or checking pastures and fences. Each saddle sports roughout leather, a sheepskin seat for your best friend’s comfort and a built-in saddle pad. Adjustable straps hook to your d-rings ensuring your “Pup” stays secure.
Cost: $495.00 US + shipping ***Patent Pending***

Each SaddlePup™ comes ready to ride, made from roughout leather with tooled accents and a built in saddle pad.
The soft sheepskin lining on the inside of the SaddlePup™ is removable for cleaning and will make sure your dog can enjoy the ride for hours on end. (Spurs by Joe Spiller, Wingate, Texas.)
Jamie Allen's heeler rests in the SaddlePup™ while checking pastures on their New Mexico ranch.

Adjustable straps hook to your d-rings to ensure the "Pup" stays snug.
Parker! Seriously??? Though an 80lb. Catahoula may fit, the "Pup" is better suited for the smaller hands.
Jamie's primary companion for the "Pup".

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